Hey BigCommerce, Volusion or Mozu users – Ready to move to Shopify Plus?

shopify plusShopify Plus is offering a special migration offer for businesses who are currently using BigCommerce, Volusion, or Mozu as their enterprise commerce platform. So what’s the offer? How about up to 6 months of Shopify Plus free along with free data migration! The offer is good through December 31st, 2016.

If that’s not enough, great brands like UPS, P&G, Budweiser, GE, Red Bull, Tesla, Loreal, DoDoCase, Nine West and many more.

Because Shopify Plus is a fully-hosted SaaS solution, has a 99.9% uptime and capable of handling over 8,000 orders PER MINUTE, as a result it makes scalability for any brand very manageable.

Need more reasons on why you should switch to Shopify Plus? Glad you asked, so here are some great features you will get with Shopify Plus:

  • Flat pricing with no order limitations including bandwidth or transactions fees.
  • 100% control over the design and layout of your site.
  • Shopify has over 1,500 application to help your site go further faster!
  • Avalara integration for tax calculations and reporting.
  • Beefy APIs for integrating into your own business systems (ERP, OMS, CMS)
  • 24×7 dedicated launch management and support.

Support is Key

You will have Dedicated Launch Managers & Merchant Success Managers who are able to support your launch needs, serve as technical point of contact for data migrations, development, billing and other technical details. Want to meet your team now? Fill out your details and a team member will be in touch.

Still need more convincing? Read about through several case studies. One of our favorites is DODOcase

Don’t miss this great opportunity from Shopify Plus. REMEMBER: Most of all, this offer is only valid through December 31st, 2016. Get started today!

Want to sell products online?

Of course. Who doesn’t want to sell products after all the research and work they’ve put into developing their product. However, it’s a loud world out there and getting your product in front of your target audience is a full-time job in and of itself.

Goods news! There’s online platform that makes online store management very easy. Shopify!

Chances are you’ve heard about Shopify and maybe have given some thought on into exploring the platform. We’re here to tell you, look no further. If you’re ready to get your store up and running in less time than it takes to complete the free trial, then start here.

If you need a little more convincing fill out the form below and we’ll send you a complete PowerPoint or Keynote slideshow to walk through everything you need to know.

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Top Real Estate Themes on Envato for WordPress

real estate themes

Choosing the right real estate themes can make all the difference

We’ve chosen three real estate themes from Envato’s themeforest marketplace that are as of this post, the best-selling. The three we’ve highlighted can get your personal real estate website off the ground quickly. Here’s a brief overview of each theme.

Real Homes – WordPress Real Estate Theme

The layout and design of this theme allows your properties to pop. It makes good use of white space so your beautiful property photos stand out to the casual user whether they’re on their computer or mobile device. Each real estate property on the homepage has its own unique box where you can highlight eye-catching titles that can be used to display pricing. The clean property search function on the homepage also makes it stand out from the rest.

Each interior property page has a nice clean, organized layout, using light colors to again allow your real estate photography to catch the reader’s attention. This, to us, is much cleaner that the real estate property aggregators such as Zillow and Realtors.com.

The backend CMS management boasts easy-to-use content sections allowing you to manage your properties with ease. Take a test drive and preview the theme for yourself.

WP Residence – Real Estate WordPress Theme

This theme contrasts from the one above by it’s large, beautiful hero images, Google maps options and various out-of-the-box homepage solutions. From a real estate strategy, this theme is great for realtors with properties in various suburban areas. There’s functionality that will allow you to highlight each city giving your audience a peek into the amenities of each community.

WP Residence has a nice blogging layout for those realtors who like to give their readers some personal insight on the homes or communities they feature. You can preview this theme here and be sure to check out each of the homepage options.

Realia – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

The Realia is a light theme and has a great roller propery map function that you can use right on the homepage. You must check it out in the demo. The theme has a strong propery seach function and a section for optional property highlights.

The individual property pages have some unique graphical widgets that can help break up the sometimes lengthy property descriptions. As with the two previous themes, this theme is mobile-friendly and has a strong responsive design.

There are many more real estate themes out, but with the reviews and sales these three have received, it’s worth taking a look at these premium themes.

If you would like help in implementing any of these themes or others, please contact us today!

3 Reasons Realtors Need Individual Websites

realtors need websites

Today, realtors need their own website. Competition is tight.

There are many websites and services geared towards realtors to help them showcase their properties. But nothing fairs better for realtors than having an individual website. We’ll discuss 3 reasons how having your own website can help your properties sell.

1. Your own website expands your digital footprint.

Your properties may be listed on various tools and services such as Zillow or Realtor.com and your listings also maybe on your agency’s website. These are all good places to have digital exposure, however, your competition for traffic is much higher. Zillow and Realtor.com are two examples of aggregators that focus more on the homeowner than on realtors. And, your competition is there too. Your agency’s website also has competition with all your colleagues. Even if you are not in the same geographical location as your colleagues, there’s still tight competition with competing agencies. Having your own site expands your personal brand and digital footprint.

2. Your own website gives your more control over content.

Your agency and other realty aggregators limit your control over your properties. In an effort to level the playing field to make it fair for all agents, content parameters are set to give everyone an equal chance. Realtors know, being in real estate is a competitive business. Getting the advantage you need is key to successful sales. Having your website and using a solid content management system like WordPress, will allow you to have unlimited control over your properties and showcase them how you want and what your market demands.

3. Your own website allows your to capture more leads.

By merely expanding your digital footprint and brand on the web, you have that much more opportunity to gather interested parties of your properties. One tactic that can work by having your own website is creating a subscriber list that you can regularly email about property updates, as well as capture individuals who may be interested in selling their properties soon. The best place to create your subscriber list is on your own website. You can offer them a free guide to download if they give you their email address, for example. List building is a great lead generation tool.

Interested in using WordPress to build your person realtor website? Contact us today to learn more about getting started!

4 Reasons Your Organization Needs a Web Manager

you need a web manager cloverpresscms

you need a web manager cloverpresscms

As our nice little image shows, buildings are constructed with complex grids, steel, pipe, wire and hundreds of other components. Someone has to manage all that and that tends to be the construction or project manager. A web manager is the construction manager for your website.

The same is true for website and applications. Even the smallest of company websites are built with HTML, CMS platforms, Javascript, grids, CSS and many other components. If your company does not have a someone managing your website, even to make general updates, the consequences can impact your business.

Here are 4 reasons you need a web manager.

1. Security. Leaving your website unattended can put your website at risk for malicious code and hacks. Having a website that is regularly updated with the latest version releases should be number one priority.

2. Latest Technologies. Aside from security, have the latest version of your CMS, plugins, and themes will allow you to take advantage of the latest web technologies. In some instances, these updates may make your site use less resources thus perform faster.

3. Troubleshooting. You never know when the time will come when a server, update, or even the wrong character in a piece of code will render your site null. You’ll need someone who understands how to troubleshoot to get your site back up and running.

4. Quick Development. Having a dedicated web manager for quick development projects can save you time and money. No need for RFPs or waiting for referrals, a web manager can stand up development projects in a short amount of time and is they are usually well connected to other resources should they be needed.

If we’ve convinced you, or you’re just interested in learning more, contact us today to discuss your web management needs. You’ll have a dedicated web manager to give you that peace of mind.

Are premium WordPress templates worth the price?

premium WordPress templates

Yes and so are free templates

There are various degrees of WordPress templates or themes out there. Not all premium WordPress templates are worth the money, just as a free template doesn’t mean that it isn’t a solid theme. In fact, many free themes provide a great base to build off of if you are WordPress developer or have hired a developer to create your website.

Premium themes

Premium WordPress templates are available at various WordPress marketplaces for purchase. They usually are large themes in terms of options, built in plugins, and other functions. They can range from $20 – $100 depending on features and functions. Almost all premium themes provide support services if there are any issues with the theme. The support services are great for developers. If you aren’t a developer but are managing your website, then checking out the support services for your theme is a must. If anything, they may be able to connect you with a developer who could help customize your theme.

Free themes

Free themes are just that, free. But as noted above, that doesn’t mean they aren’t solid themes. WordPress has a vast collection of free themes on their website. With a free theme you might miss out on a few features and you likely won’t have support from the theme developer. But most features can be added by a developer or through a plugin.


Whether you’ve decided to go with a premium or free theme, all themes can be customized to your needs once the theme has been implemented. In fact, we’ve never come across a customer that hasn’t modified the original theme. The premium themes tend to have a backend theme options section that can make it easier to customize whereas a free theme might require you to make the customization in the code yourself. There’s no right or wrong way to approach customization. However, there are certain theme development guidelines that can be helpful when customizing a theme–especially if you’re a developer.

Generally, premium themes are worth the money primarily because of the ease-of-use in customizations and the ongoing support. Please get in touch with us today if you have question or need help customizing your website.

WordPress or Custom CMS?

wordpress or custom cms

wordpress or custom cms

Organizing your web content with a custom CMS

Content management systems (CMS), are a valuable tool for managing the content of your website. Regardless of the size of your business or your marketing team, if you’re consistantly adding content to your website, you should be using a CMS. Whether your a team of 1 or 20, being able to manage your website content is square one in having a successful online presence.

You’ve realized that you need a CMS and have done the research and are deciding between WordPress or perhaps having a custom CMS developed. The good news is, WordPress can be exactly that. The admin area of WordPress, as well as the front end, can be customized to your organizational needs from user access levels to specific content areas. The interface to creating content can be made as simple as formatting an email. All your media is stored in one location and can be easily added to your content. Not to mention all of the plugins that are available to extend your content further. Forms and payments (SSL) can also be processed and managed through WordPress.

WordPress as a CMS is virtually unlimited

WordPress out-of-the-box is setup primarily with Pages (static pages) and Posts (blog posts). However, a WordPress developer can customize many other post types, such as events, media, photos, news, products, services, etc. There’s no limit to what can be customized in WordPress. The good news, WordPress is free to use. The only costs would be to your hosting company and to a developer or developers to customized the WordPress software. Once the site is launched there’s no on-going license to use WordPress.

At CloverPressCMS, we can develop a customized CMS built on WordPress that can meets the needs of your online goals and staff needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our WordPress services.

Getting WordPress theme help

wordpress themeOne of the fundamental reasons that WordPress is a great platform for your company website, is the ability to build and use themes. There are virtually an unlimited number of themes and designs out in the wild. But with all those choices come potential problems. Whether you’ve purchased a WordPress theme or have had it custom developed, it will eventually need updated and made compatible with the latest release of the WordPress core.

Unfortunately, not all themes are built equally. If you’re thinking that a redesign of your website is due, changing themes can be an efficient way of getting a fresher look. But be careful, some themes are poorly built and can have a negative impact on SEO, your server, etc. WordPress has given great guidance on benchmarks for themes and theme development.

Larger companies have access to agencies or have a web team that is responsible for keeping the themes and websites updated when there are new releases. But what is the small business to do? Luckily, WordPress has made it easy for the small business or marketing team to update their WordPress theme or WP core. You can find out how by viewing the WordPress documentation.
Contact us today, we’d be happy to talk through your needs.

Finding support in the WordPress forums

wordpress forums wordpress support servicesWordPress forums are a great way to find the help you need for your WP website. As support forums go, the WordPress forums are probably the most robust out there with the exception for StackExchange which has a WordPress extension. This is why WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms out there. The support of the community is what helps users from beginner to advanced go further faster in their development and content creation.

WordPress has many forums on a variety of topics. Since our company, CloverPressCMS is geared towards the small business owner, we recommend taking a look at the Getting Started section of the WordPress support page.

If you’re using plugins on your website, which most WordPress sites use at least 4 or 5 if not more, then the support forums are a great place to better understand and get the most of your plugins. In fact, plugins are the hottest topics on the support forums.

Getting involved in the WP support forums can lead to connecting with some great developers that may be able to help you on a one-on-one basis. Even the most advanced developer can find other developers who can help troubleshoot an issue or find a solution. In some cases, just talking it out can help self-resolve an issue.

Forums can also save you time and money. After all, the forums are free by signing up for a WordPress account. As a small business owner or a if you’re a small marketing team, we know your time is valuable. Having access to forums where you can post a question and receive replies right to your email is a great way to stay efficient.

The power of WordPress is the community. Take advantage of the forums and help yourself. As always, if you have questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Are WordPress Automatic Updates Safe?

automatic updates cloverpress cmsGenerally, WordPress auto updates are safe in terms of security and vulnerabilities. In fact, most web hosting services like Bluehost, Dreamhost and others, will automatically push WordPress security updates out automatically, requiring you as the admin to do nothing. They will usually send an email notification letting you know of the update.

However, there are times when automatic updates may break your WordPress theme or plugins. Personally, for the websites we manage, we only allow the hosting security updates to update automatically. We prefer to update each core update, theme update and plugin update individually. This allows us to look at each update systematically to ensure that the update won’t break the customer’s website.

If you’re a small business owner or marketing team responsible for maintaining your website, you can check the compatibility of the plugin update, for example, by clicking the view details link of the plugin in the updates section of your WordPress admin. By clicking the view details link, you’ll see what changes have been made to the plugin and generally any notes from other users who’ve also updated the plugin.

How ever you decide to your WordPress updates, it’s important that they are done or you can run into major problems down the road.

If you’re still unsure about WordPress updates and maintenance, please feel free to reach out to us for help.