WordPress or Custom CMS?

wordpress or custom cms

Organizing your web content with a custom CMS

Content management systems (CMS), are a valuable tool for managing the content of your website. Regardless of the size of your business or your marketing team, if you’re consistantly adding content to your website, you should be using a CMS. Whether your a team of 1 or 20, being able to manage your website content is square one in having a successful online presence.

You’ve realized that you need a CMS and have done the research and are deciding between WordPress or perhaps having a custom CMS developed. The good news is, WordPress can be exactly that. The admin area of WordPress, as well as the front end, can be customized to your organizational needs from user access levels to specific content areas. The interface to creating content can be made as simple as formatting an email. All your media is stored in one location and can be easily added to your content. Not to mention all of the plugins that are available to extend your content further. Forms and payments (SSL) can also be processed and managed through WordPress.

WordPress as a CMS is virtually unlimited

WordPress out-of-the-box is setup primarily with Pages (static pages) and Posts (blog posts). However, a WordPress developer can customize many other post types, such as events, media, photos, news, products, services, etc. There’s no limit to what can be customized in WordPress. The good news, WordPress is free to use. The only costs would be to your hosting company and to a developer or developers to customized the WordPress software. Once the site is launched there’s no on-going license to use WordPress.

At CloverPressCMS, we can develop a customized CMS built on WordPress that can meets the needs of your online goals and staff needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our WordPress services.

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