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wordpress themeOne of the fundamental reasons that WordPress is a great platform for your company website, is the ability to build and use themes. There are virtually an unlimited number of themes and designs out in the wild. But with all those choices come potential problems. Whether you’ve purchased a WordPress theme or have had it custom developed, it will eventually need updated and made compatible with the latest release of the WordPress core.

Unfortunately, not all themes are built equally. If you’re thinking that a redesign of your website is due, changing themes can be an efficient way of getting a fresher look. But be careful, some themes are poorly built and can have a negative impact on SEO, your server, etc. WordPress has given great guidance on benchmarks for themes and theme development.

Larger companies have access to agencies or have a web team that is responsible for keeping the themes and websites updated when there are new releases. But what is the small business to do? Luckily, WordPress has made it easy for the small business or marketing team to update their WordPress theme or WP core. You can find out how by viewing the WordPress documentation.
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