Did A WordPress Update Break Your Site

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WordPress UpdateOvertime, we’ve heard from customers who are responsible for managing their own websites that a WordPress update broke their site. While that might have been true in terms of what broke their website or a portion of it, many times the true reason their site broke is because it had been a LONG time since they did any WordPress update to their website.

WordPress does a nice job of notifying site owners of new updates. Many times, these notifications are ignore by those maintaining the site. I get it, there’s a thousand other things to do but it’s time to add regular web maintenance to your weekly activities.

To often, we found that customer websites need to be completely rebuilt after an update. Not because the update was bad, but because they had gotten behind on the latest versions of the WordPress core software. This can end up costing the customer more money than they’d like to spend. It’s important for site stability and security that you always make sure your WordPress core is updated.

The WordPress core update can be easily implemented with a click of a button, IF, you’ve been keeping your site updated regularly. If you are a couple of versions behind or more, it’s best to connect with a developer to manage the update just in case the site goes down or needs troubleshooting during the process.

If you or your team has questions about WordPress updates, please contact us.

WordPress Maintenance Starts with the Core

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wordpress maintenanceAs discussed in other posts, keeping your WordPress site updated is important for the security and performance of your website. The biggest push-back we hear about WordPress maintenance is, my site hasn’t been updated in over a year, I have 15 plugin updates and my WordPress version is 3 or 4 versions old, what do I do?.

A situation like this can easily cause paralysis with the result being no action at all. Thus, your website’s backend sits for another 6-months.

If you’re a small business owner or you’re a one-person marketing team, the best plan of action is to start with the WordPress core. Updating the core will provide the security and performance that will set the stage for updating the plugins and themes.

If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, you should hire a WordPress developer that can do it for you (we can help). Cost is usually less than $1,000. That’s significantly less than letting your site go and then needing a completely new site down the road. If you’re a more experience WordPress user, you can consult the WordPress Codex.

Paying attention to your website’s backend needs should be a part of your regular small business processes. For example, if you spend your Friday afternoons going over invoices, aging reports, etc., schedule 15 minutes to log in to your website’s backend and give it a quick check-up. This will keep your website needs at the forefront of your mind and will keep you from getting behind on website maintenance.

What are WordPress updates, anyway?

wordpress updatesIf you are using WordPress as the foundation for your website, you may be familiar with WordPress updates. Updates aren’t something to ignore. They may be a bit of a nuisance, but they pack a big punch when it comes to the safety and performance of your site. Here’s a few things worth noting about the updates you might encounter:

WordPress core updates
WordPress is the largest CMS platform of its kind and it’s easy to see why it could be a target for hackers and malware. However, WordPress has a vibrant community of contributors and top developers. Because of that, they’re able to stay ahead of the curve by releasing core updates that provide security and performance for your site.

Theme updates
A theme is like the skin that’s stretched over the framework (WordPress) of your site. Occasionally the developers of themes will release updates. Similar to the core updates, these can have an important impact on the performance and security of your site.

Plugin updates
If WordPress is your framework, and the theme is your skin, then the plugins are your accessories. Depending on the complexity of your site you may have a few or many plugins running various add-on features. Each one of these plugins will have updates from time to time that you’ll need to watch for.

Running WP updates automatically.
Before you think you’re off the hook with automatic updates, you need to be sure that updating the foundation of your site won’t interfere with the theme, plugins, or any custom coding you’ve implemented.

The bottom line is, proceed methodically when it comes to your updates, but don’t let them keep you from jumping into the exciting world of creating with WordPress.

15 sites you won’t believe are running on WordPress

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WordPress: Still not sure it’s for you?

Maybe your boss still thinks WordPress is “just” a blogging platform?

Need a little help convincing your team that WordPress is a great option for your next website project?

There’s an estimated 24 million websites built on WP technology. While a number of those may very well be “just” blogs, there’s a growing number of top-level organizations running very sophisticated websites on the WP framework. Many large organizations rely on the platform to manage their content. Take a look at this list:

  1. Tech Crunch
  2. TED
  3. Library of Congress
  4. Smithsonian Institute
  5. Harvard’s Rugby Club
  6. Georgia State University
  7. Vogue
  8. Van Heusen
  9. Time, Inc.
  10. CBS Local
  11. Mike Rowe
  12. Beyonce
  13. GM
  14. LinkedIn
  15. Sony

Content management is important. Don’t let IT or marketing be the bottleneck for your content. WordPress has developed a user-friendly backend that allows for organizations of all sizes and skill level to manage their content–and not just through one department. From the marketing manager to the c-level executive, creating content is as easy as a drafting an email. Blogging or updating your website content doesn’t take as much time as you think. Blogging once or twice a week can be very beneficial to your online presence.

We know Google loves content. The more unique, relevant content you can create for your website the more Google and other search engines will index your site and being to rank it with authority. Not only does Google love content, but your customers love content. We know that most people search online for the products or services their looking for. With social media, your content can be shared in a matter of moments.

Not sure how to get started? Get in touch with us. Whether you’ve been using WordPress for a few years, just getting started or are looking to make a change to a content management system, we have services that can help.

Don’t let the pressure of website updates crush you

wordpress updates maintenance

WordPress updates & maintenance

wordpress updates maintenanceWe’ll take care of the backend to keep your WordPress updates powered for performance and security. Don’t let WordPress updates frustrate you. We provide WordPress development services that include updates and website maintenance.

We focus on the code so you can focus on the content. After all, you’re the content experts and should have a website that allows you to easily output your content in and SEO friendly environment. With WordPress, you’re in good hands. As a content management system, you’ll be able to update content on your website as easily as creating an email. Simply add a title, an image and the body of your content and you’re ready to go.

On-going support

As your website grows, it will be equally important to maintain the backend. That’s where we come in. CloverPressCMS can take care making sure your WordPress core is updated to the latest version, all plugins are running correctly and themes are up to date. We can even add customizations and function to your website as your the needs arise.

Learn more about our WordPress services we offer and get in touch with us to see how we might be able to help with your website.

Your WordPress website is taking off…now what?

wordpress website services maintenance updates

wordpress website services maintenance updates

Maintaining your company’s WordPress website is a critical component in obtaining a high level of interest in your business.

You already know WordPress is valuable CMS, now let’s keep your site running smoothly. Let us help keep your WordPress custom template updated and working. Many organizations hire design agencies to create a beautiful website then once the site is launched, the backend maintenance is not a high priority. The organization’s website begins to not function property and can become sluggish and vulnerable to security holes.

Clean code, clean content

What do we mean by clean code? Clean code simply means that the code base by which your WordPress website is built is updated to the standards WordPress sets forth in their documentation.

This will keep your site functioning properly as well as provide good architecture for SEO. Search engines like Google love good clean code as much as rich, relevant content.

Let us help

At CloverPressCMS, have provide WordPress services that will help keep your website running smoothly. We’ll focus on the code, so you can focus on the content. Each week will dive into the backend of your website and check for updates from the WordPress core, plugins and themes. We’ll also give you recommendations on ways you can improve your usability and discussion SEO best practices.

Get in touch with us today to get started.