Hey BigCommerce, Volusion or Mozu users – Ready to move to Shopify Plus?

shopify plusShopify Plus is offering a special migration offer for businesses who are currently using BigCommerce, Volusion, or Mozu as their enterprise commerce platform. So what’s the offer? How about up to 6 months of Shopify Plus free along with free data migration! The offer is good through December 31st, 2016.

If that’s not enough, great brands like UPS, P&G, Budweiser, GE, Red Bull, Tesla, Loreal, DoDoCase, Nine West and many more.

Because Shopify Plus is a fully-hosted SaaS solution, has a 99.9% uptime and capable of handling over 8,000 orders PER MINUTE, as a result it makes scalability for any brand very manageable.

Need more reasons on why you should switch to Shopify Plus? Glad you asked, so here are some great features you will get with Shopify Plus:

  • Flat pricing with no order limitations including bandwidth or transactions fees.
  • 100% control over the design and layout of your site.
  • Shopify has over 1,500 application to help your site go further faster!
  • Avalara integration for tax calculations and reporting.
  • Beefy APIs for integrating into your own business systems (ERP, OMS, CMS)
  • 24×7 dedicated launch management and support.

Support is Key

You will have Dedicated Launch Managers & Merchant Success Managers who are able to support your launch needs, serve as technical point of contact for data migrations, development, billing and other technical details. Want to meet your team now? Fill out your details and a team member will be in touch.

Still need more convincing? Read about through several case studies. One of our favorites is DODOcase

Don’t miss this great opportunity from Shopify Plus. REMEMBER: Most of all, this offer is only valid through December 31st, 2016. Get started today!

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