Are premium WordPress templates worth the price?

premium WordPress templates

Yes and so are free templates

There are various degrees of WordPress templates or themes out there. Not all premium WordPress templates are worth the money, just as a free template doesn’t mean that it isn’t a solid theme. In fact, many free themes provide a great base to build off of if you are WordPress developer or have hired a developer to create your website.

Premium themes

Premium WordPress templates are available at various WordPress marketplaces for purchase. They usually are large themes in terms of options, built in plugins, and other functions. They can range from $20 – $100 depending on features and functions. Almost all premium themes provide support services if there are any issues with the theme. The support services are great for developers. If you aren’t a developer but are managing your website, then checking out the support services for your theme is a must. If anything, they may be able to connect you with a developer who could help customize your theme.

Free themes

Free themes are just that, free. But as noted above, that doesn’t mean they aren’t solid themes. WordPress has a vast collection of free themes on their website. With a free theme you might miss out on a few features and you likely won’t have support from the theme developer. But most features can be added by a developer or through a plugin.


Whether you’ve decided to go with a premium or free theme, all themes can be customized to your needs once the theme has been implemented. In fact, we’ve never come across a customer that hasn’t modified the original theme. The premium themes tend to have a backend theme options section that can make it easier to customize whereas a free theme might require you to make the customization in the code yourself. There’s no right or wrong way to approach customization. However, there are certain theme development guidelines that can be helpful when customizing a theme–especially if you’re a developer.

Generally, premium themes are worth the money primarily because of the ease-of-use in customizations and the ongoing support. Please get in touch with us today if you have question or need help customizing your website.

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