3 Reasons Realtors Need Individual Websites

realtors need websites

Today, realtors need their own website. Competition is tight.

There are many websites and services geared towards realtors to help them showcase their properties. But nothing fairs better for realtors than having an individual website. We’ll discuss 3 reasons how having your own website can help your properties sell.

1. Your own website expands your digital footprint.

Your properties may be listed on various tools and services such as Zillow or Realtor.com and your listings also maybe on your agency’s website. These are all good places to have digital exposure, however, your competition for traffic is much higher. Zillow and Realtor.com are two examples of aggregators that focus more on the homeowner than on realtors. And, your competition is there too. Your agency’s website also has competition with all your colleagues. Even if you are not in the same geographical location as your colleagues, there’s still tight competition with competing agencies. Having your own site expands your personal brand and digital footprint.

2. Your own website gives your more control over content.

Your agency and other realty aggregators limit your control over your properties. In an effort to level the playing field to make it fair for all agents, content parameters are set to give everyone an equal chance. Realtors know, being in real estate is a competitive business. Getting the advantage you need is key to successful sales. Having your website and using a solid content management system like WordPress, will allow you to have unlimited control over your properties and showcase them how you want and what your market demands.

3. Your own website allows your to capture more leads.

By merely expanding your digital footprint and brand on the web, you have that much more opportunity to gather interested parties of your properties. One tactic that can work by having your own website is creating a subscriber list that you can regularly email about property updates, as well as capture individuals who may be interested in selling their properties soon. The best place to create your subscriber list is on your own website. You can offer them a free guide to download if they give you their email address, for example. List building is a great lead generation tool.

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